Local murals:

Mural sponsored by Vic's Watercraft on West Mermod Street.

Village Peddler owner Etta in front of the mural she is sponsoring at 605 W. Mermod.  

The Carlsbad Labyrinth was the first project executed by the Carlsbad Mural Project.  It was completed in December 2010.  It is located at the beach park, at the East end of Church Street, up the steps under the "Municipal Beach Park" sign, and to the right.

The Carlsbad Museum and Arts Center has a large mural over the Library Annex, facing the new Halagueno Arts Park.  

418 W. Fox Street.

Dedicated October 2006.  It was painted by Artesia artist Noel Marquez .  The cost was  $36,000, raised from private and corporate donors, and from the Fine Arts Committee Demand Fund at the Carlsbad Foundation.  In June 2001 the Museum Fine Arts Committee asked Artesia mural artist Noel Marquez to make a proposal for a mural celebrating Eddy County. In October 2001, public planner Carl Worthington and public art consultant Pamela Markoya recommended placing the mural on the exterior wall of the Library Annex above the portico   The mural was painted on a traditional stucco surface (cement and mortar) coated onto plywood held by a 2 x 4’ wooden frame fitted over the exterior wall, thus circumventing the potential degradation of the exterior wall’s elastomeric plaster surface (Styrofoam, fiberglass mesh and Dryvit). The artist used a sealer, primer and acrylic polymer mural paint to execute the mural.

 Artist Charles Freeman (Brother Boko) painted a powerful mural in 2010 atop the DWI building at 325 South Main Street. 

        Rainbow Recycling has paintings of the flume and Guadalupe mountains on the side of its building on the corner of Greene Street and Main.
Mayor Bob Forrest wanted a mural on the building to represent what Carlsbad has to offer in the area for visitors and locals.
Completed: about 12 years ago
Funded by private donations

                1702 W. Greene St.


1.     Carlsbad RV Park and Campground
The owners wanted to show the different climates the desert has to offer with our scenery for the visitors to the campground.  A mural on the back wall features different attractions Carlsbad has to offer such as Caverns, Sitting Bull Falls, flumes, etc.
Year: 2008 


Inside the Riverwalk Recreation Center is a large mural, painted in 1998 with the help of local youth.  

1.     The Jeff Diamond Law Firm has a mural on the side of their building facing the alley, next to Delmonico’s Baby Boutique. The Spirit of the West, commissioned by Jeff Diamond, is a mural by Mark Spore.